Nutrition Programs and Services

The work we do together is different than going to a doctor and getting a prescription to give you quick symptom relief. When you commit to making holistic changes with your nutrition and lifestyle, you are approaching your health a different and amazing way. Your body is hardwired to be in homeostasis, or balance. With nutrition therapy, you are giving your body what it needs to rebalance itself. This takes knowledge, time and practice to fully arrive at your best results. I have found that in nearly all cases, multiple appointments and touch-points help you get to your end goal most successfully, which is why I offer packages.

Find out all the details about my Service packages by selecting the name of the package in the box.
Initial Consultation
  • Benefit 1 : First step on your journey
  • Benefit 2 : Get to know each other
  • Benefit 3 : Action steps to take
Restore Package
  • Benefit 1 : 6-month package
  • Benefit 2 : Addressing health goals
  • Benefit 3 : Custom premium package
Optimal Wellness Membership
  • Benefit 1 : Functional Blood Test
  • Benefit 2 : Personal Wellness Plan
  • Benefit 3 : One-Year Membership
Nutrition Overhaul


  • Benefit 1 : 2 hours consultation time
  • Benefit 2 : Nutrition 101
  • Benefit 3 : Many resources
Reset & Refresh


  • Benefit 1 : 14-day cleanse
  • Benefit 2 : Feeling reenergized
  • Benefit 3 : Group or individual
Organic Gardening


  • Benefit 1 : Spring educational series
  • Benefit 2 : Create your own garden
  • Benefit 3 : Group support

Gift A Healthier Life

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Did you know that I have gift certificates available? You may want to consider giving the gift of one of my Nutrition Packages, or a $ amount of your choice to a friend or a loved one. Ordering is simple with just one-click.

Gift Certificates

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During our initial conversation, we will get a chance to find out about your concerns, possible ways we can work together, and see if we’re a good fit.*

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