Nutrition Overhaul Guide

Nutrition Overhaul Guide e-book by Therese Revitte
Confused by all the nutrition advice out there? This comprehensive 66-page  e-book gets back to the basics of eating delicious nutrient-dense whole foods and balanced meals.
  • Get step-by-step instructions for how to stock your kitchen (and what to take out!).
  • Learn how to navigate the grocery store, aisle by aisle
  • Learn simple formulas for making delicious, balanced, nutrient dense meals.
  • Learn how to meal-plan so you don’t get caught wondering what to eat.
  • Learn how to prep foods in advance so that you always have good choices in your home.
These strategies set you up for success!

Which One Is The Healthiest Diet?

Even nutritionists disagree about which diet is the healthiest. Should you eat animal products? If so which ones and how much? Which fats are good for you and which ones aren’t? Are carbs bad for you? Which foods are inflammatory?
Is it worth it to buy organic? It’s no wonder people are confused!
The reason everyone disagrees about the healthiest diet is because there is no one single diet that is best for every person. Your bio-individuality makes you and your dietary needs unique to you. Whether you need animal products to feel well, how many carbs you need, how much fat and protein you need, which foods cause inflammation in you…these are all unique to you.

Topics Included

A Brief History of Our Food Supply
Protein, Carbs, and Fats
Healthy Food Choices
Make A Simple Meal
How To Meal Plan
Navigating The Store
Grocery Store Tricks
Stock Your Kitchen
Make a Simple Meal
Meal Formulas … and  more!