Welcome to My Create Your Backyard Food Garden Series!

Long before I earned my nutrition certifications, I was an avid organic food gardener. I’ve had my own garden for 30 years. I was a master gardener volunteer for 8 years. During those years, I co-managed a large beautiful food demonstration garden, where we grew over 1000 pounds of food each year that was donated to a local pantry. I also created a thriving community garden in my neighborhood, which I’ve coordinated for 12 years. I even ran the garden club at my children’s elementary school.
My garden is my happy place, bursting at the seams with vegetables, fruits and herbs. I love to sit in the middle of it, breathing in the glorious warm smells of summer, soil and plants. I know gardening. I LOVE gardening!

Why grow your own garden?

Organically grown vegetables and fruits are the bedrock of any healthy nutrition plan, and growing your own is ideal. Why?

· Vegetables start to lose nutrients as soon as they’re harvested. Harvesting your own vegetables and eating them right away means you’ll get their full nutrient load.

· Your own organic vegetables and fruits are completely free of pesticides and chemicals.

· Harvesting from your own garden is the epitome of “Go Local.” There is no carbon footprint.

· Gardening gives you a life-long skill to provide food for yourself, even in times when food sustainability is a concern.

· Gardening puts you out in nature, getting fresh air and sunshine. It is a wonderful stress-reliever.

Therese, thank you so much for offering this invaluable gardening class series.  I feel that it is critically important that we learn these skills, and move to a back-to-basics mindset.  Gardening seems intimidating, however thanks to your knowledge-base and teachings, I have hope that I can actually grow my own food for my family!  I am so grateful to learn from you and look forward to your advanced series.
Ann Marie DeGregoriaNew York
The class series was AMAZING. Therese is a natural teacher and a great support for this newbie. The community she created was a lot of help too. Therese, let me know when registration opens, l’m signing up again.
Melanie GoodmanColorado
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Are you ready to start growing your own food?

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Every year, I present my Create Your Backyard Food Garden Series to teach beginning gardeners how to grow their own food.

This webinar series teaches you all the basics, plus gives you full support throughout the season as you create your own garden. All you need is a section of soil that gets full sun at least 7-8 hours a day. This can be in your yard or in containers. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Choosing the right spot in your yard and creating a growing space
  • Amending your soil
  • Planning your garden plot
  • What to plant and when to plant it
  • Should you plant seeds or plants?
  • Wise watering
  • Organic fertilizing
  • The ecosystem of your garden – bugs, birds and critters
  • Dealing with pests
  • Plant pathogens and good garden hygiene
  • Garden maintenance – weeding, thinning, fertilizing, trellising
  • Harvesting, processing and storage
  • Putting your garden to bed for the year
Each session presents new information, followed by questions and answers.

This means you learn what you need to know and then can ask plenty of questions about your own personal situation. You receive the presentation slides and webinar recording. In addition, you are invited to join a private Facebook page where you can join the other gardeners in asking questions, seeking support and posting pictures of what’s happening in your garden.

I promise to teach you to be a successful backyard gardener.
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