Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Session

This session allows us get to know each other.  We talk about your health goals and how nutrition therapy can help you attain them.  We answer your questions about the process, timetables, and pricing.  Once we agree to work together, we determine whether individual sessions or a package will benefit you most. 


You will be asked to fill out intake forms and keep a food log for several days.  At our first appointment, we will discuss your forms and food log in-depth and you may be given some initial steps to implement.  At the next meeting, you will receive a full assessment of your current nutrition habits, along with a specific plan for moving forward.  We use follow-up meetings to assess your progress and tweak your plan.  See below for appointment options.

Individualized Plans

Your plan will be unique to you, your health and your individual situation.  We may ask you to clean out your pantry, learn how to shop differently, change your eating habits, take a functional test, adopt a specific therapeutic diet, make lifestyle changes, and take targeted supplements. 


Individual Appointments

New Client Consultation

  • Includes three 60-90 minute appointments. At the first appointment, we will go over your intake form and food log in detail. At the second appointment, you will receive a detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan for achieving your health goals. During our follow-up appointment, we will review your progress, adjust your plan and set you up for further successes.


6-Appointment Package

Many people have complex and overlapping health goals that can be addressed with nutrition therapy. Nutrition therapy is a committed approach that takes time and consistency for best results.  A 6-appointment package is highly recommended for many people to achieve the greatest success.  This allows your body time to adapt, heal and thrive on your new plan, and it allows us to adjust your plan as needed.  This approach is most comprehensive, and sometimes includes functional testing and targeted supplements. You deserve to feel your best!



Healthy Eating Family Package

In 4 appointments, we identify your family’s health goals and current eating habits. You learn about meal planning, navigating the grocery store and setting up your kitchen for healthy meals and snacks.

Additional Services 

Meal Planning and Pantry Clean-Up

  • 90 minute meeting to learn successful meal planning techniques, and to walk through your pantry and refrigerator, discussing what to remove and what to add to support your health goals


Grocery Store Tour

  • 60 minute tour walking through each aisle of your grocery store, discussing good and no-so-good choices


Group Classes

  • Learn about a nutrition topic of interest, such as healthy school lunches and snacks, eating for energy, eating to combat stress. Group examples might include families, scouts, schools, or clubs. Price based on time, materials and location.


Additional Products

1 or 2-Week Meal Plan

  • Meal plans include shopping list and plan. Some recipes included.