Create Your Backyard Food Garden Series

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Create Your Backyard Food Garden Series

03/31/2022 @ - 06/09/2022 @

31 Mar -

Are you ready to start growing your own food? 

Have you been thinking about growing your own food – for a hobby, for better health, for food security or to lessen your carbon footprint? You’re in the right place!

Growing your own food is EASY, fun and empowering.  Not to mention highly nutritious because the transit time is about 30 seconds from the garden to your kitchen. You can’t get more LOCAL than that! 

All it takes for success is a little know-how and sweat equity. 

By learning the basics of food gardening, you’ll be equipping yourself with life-long skills

Classes start on March 31st and run every 2 weeks through June 9th.

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Therese Revitte